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 Post subject: some ideas
Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2004 11:13 am 
Hi! thanks for the programm - it's really cool
But here's something I've noticed - when adding a new Event, its default time is current time - it's not very comfortable. Also, changing the time is weird - why would I need to enter seconds in it? :) it only takes to much time and nerves to make a new event.
So IMHO, you should change it.
1. Theres no need to enter seconds.
2. Default time should be 00:00 i guess
3. A day-time calendar should be implemented - something like usual calendar, but with hours and minutes (5-10-15-20 etc) in it.
4. ":" should be a fixed symbol - I mean when I write something in the Time field - the first two digits I type should go as hours and the last ones - minutes... scroll is useless as it's now...

Sorry, if it's only my own problem.. But I think your VERY USEFULL program would be even more user-friendly after some light changes :) Best wishes!

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Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2004 10:10 pm 
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Thanks for you feedback!

Yes you're right this standard windows control is just BAD :cry:
I have already made some minor improvements to this part of application and those changes will be present in TH 4.0 (30th release of TH!!!).
I plan in future to implement from scratch new and much more user friendly control - but there is not enought time to do it in TH 4.0

Thanks again and sorry for your incovenience!

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