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Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2003 7:01 pm 
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Some of you were asking me a question like that recently.
Since it's easier to me to respond once on forum here is the question and response:

> Also, would it be feasible to add to TH spam
> filtering the option to delete incoming messages
> that do not meet certain rules, such as, for
> instance, the addresses in the White List." It seems
> to me it would be easier and more effective to
> establish rules for what e-mail is acceptable as
> opposed to setting rules for what is not acceptable.
> I realize there would be a risk of losing "friendly"
> mail, but with the overabundance of spam today, that
> would be an acceptable risk. Besides, the user would
> be able to check the deleted messages file
> periodically for such "friendly" mail that may have
> been deleted.

:idea: Well it's possible to set TH right now to act like that. First you have to add all emails of your friends to white list. Those emails will not be deleted. Then you have to add a mail filter that will delete ALL incoming mail. You can do it by:

1) adding a filter to search "@" string in header of message and delete such messages (since every message has an e-mail address of sender / recipient in header all mail will match this filter and will be deleted if is not in white list)

2) if you have TH 3.8 you can do it even smarter.
You can click on "Set general rating rules" button in "Add mail filters" dialog and create a single rule to DELETE all emails that has rating higher ">" than "-1"

Since every message has initial rating 0 all messages will be deleted (if not matches white list)
This approach has one more advantage - you can add another rules to pass some of incoming mail. For example if in mail of your pals you often use expression "Tray Helper" - create such mail filter:

String: "Tray Helper"
Matching: Body of message
Action: Rating "-200"

So every message that has "Tray Helper" in body of message will have lowered rating by -200 and thanks to it TH will not try to delete such messages (since -200 is much lover value than 0 (minimal value to delete message))

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